Tunichi is a group dedicated to the design, development and manufacture of Aluminum Extrusion Products, Turned Parts, Stamping Parts, Plastic-Rubber Parts, Fixtures, Jigs, Machined & Fabricated Parts, Ship Chandler, Technical Part Supply, Service Providing, Ship Maintenance & Repair etc.

in 2015 Tunichi Automotive LTD. STI. & Tunichi Engineering LTD. STI.

in 2016 Tunichi Aluminum

in 2017 Tunichi Marine Services

in 2019 Tunichi BFZ Automotive Ihracat LTD. STI.

in 2020 Tunichi USA L.L.C. & Tunichi Makina Mustafa Ozkan Sirri Ozkan KOLL. STI.

in 2021 Tunichi Singapore & KMO International Inc.

were founded with the goal of being a supplier with a focus on technology.

Our goal is to establish Turned Parts Plant (TUNITURN) in 2022, Plastic-Rubber Parts Plant (TUNIPLAST) & Stamping Plant (TUNISTAMP) in 2023 and Tubing Plant (TUNITUBE) in 2024.

in Tunichi growth and constancy are our specialty. Our challenge is to position ourselves at the forefront of innovation in the automotive sector. That is why we make every effort to research and develop breakthrough technologies.

We know that in order to progress we must remain close to our customers.

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